Standards of Points - Smoke Exotic

In addition to the General Type standard:
SMOKE EXOTIC (70 6 - 70 6j)

Colour - A Smoke cat is a cat of contrasts, darker on back, head and feet. Any colour in the recognised Exotic breeds is accepted, the undercoat being as light as possible, showing maximum contrast. No tabby markings in adults, but kittens should not be penalised too heavily.
Eyes - Copper, orange or deep gold.
Nose Leather and Paw Pads - Corresponding with coat colour.
Additional Withholding Faults:
1. Tabby markings in adults
2. Incorrect eye colour or rims or flecks of contrasting colour (in adults).
Additional Faults:
1. Tabby markings
2. White or silver guard hairs
3. Insufficient contrast.