Standards of Points - General Type

Head and Ears - Head round and massive with good breadth of skull; well balanced. Small round-tipped ears, set wide apart and low on the head, fitting into the rounded contour of the head, not unduly open at the base. Full cheeks; round forehead.
Short broad nose of even width with stop (break). Nose leather fully formed.
Strong chin and full muzzle with broad and powerful jaws, without a 'pinch'. Short thick neck.
Eyes - Large full round eyes; brilliant in colour and set well apart. Bold and not deep set.
Body - Large or medium in size, of cobby type; low on the legs. Broad deep chest; massive shoulders and rump; well muscled.
Legs and Paws - Short thick strong legs. Large round firm paws, toes carried close: five in front, four behind.
Tail - Short, but in proportion to the body length.
Coat - Dense, plush, soft in texture, full of life; stands out from body due to density, not flat or close-lying. Medium in length, slightly longer than other Short Hairs, but not long enough to flow.

Head: including size and shape of eyes, ear shape and set 30
Body: including shape, size, bone, legs and paws, and length of tail 20
Coat 20
Colour 20
Eye Colour 10
Total 100
Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

1. The upper edge of the nose leather above the lower edge of the eye
2. White markings anywhere except where referred to in the colour description
3. Any defect as listed in the preface to the GCCF's Standard of Pionts booklet.


1. Orange ring in green-eyed cats
2. Green ring in orange-eyed cats.

A full series of the Standard of Points may be purchased from the GCCF Office - price with binder £12.00; price without binder £9.00.