Breeding Policy

GCCF Breeding PolicyThe GCCF Breeding Policy states:

"This policy applies to all breeds recognised by the GCCF and is intended to provide guidelines to ensure healthy breeding practice.
The GCCF is committed to the breeding of healthy pedigree cats of whatever registered breed, type or conformation. Our policy is to recognise only breeds that are able to live a healthy, contented and “normal” life – able to jump, climb and pursue normal cat behaviour, physically able to mate unaided and to give birth normally, without relying on major medical intervention (unless exceptional and unforeseen complications occur), and without genetic anomalies that impair the cat’s ability to live and behave in accordance with a cat’s nature A hard copy of the GCCF Breeding Policy can may be purchased from the GCCF Office.

The GCCF Breeding Policy - Guidelines to Healthy Breeding

Code of Ethics

Registered owners of all GCCF registered cats/kittens accept the jurisdiction of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and undertake to abide by this general code of ethics. The GCCF's Code of Ethics can be seen here

A Breeding Policy for Exotics:

A Breeding Policy for Exotics is being developed by the Exotic BAC to supplement the GCCF's Breeding Policy.

Genetic Testing

A range of genetic tests are available from Langford Veterinary Services, Bristol. Members of exotic Cat Club and Exotic Cat Society are eligible for a discount by supplying a Breed Society Promotional Code at the time of requesting any test. Further details of prices can be seen here. The Breed Socienty Promotional Code for reduced testing costs at Langford is BreedClub 20.

DEFRA Code of Practice for the Welfare of Cats The DEFRA Code of Practice for the Welfare of Cats

This document is published by the department of Environment, Food and Rural Affiars. The Code of Practice (COP) is based on the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and provides practical guidance to help owners of cats to comply with the provision of the Act.

View a copy here (PDF 2MB)


Wales Code of Practice for the Welfare of CatsThe Code of Practice for the Welfare of Cats in Wales

This document is published by the Welsh Assembly Government giving guidance on the legal responsibilities to ensure walfare meeds of cats are met.

View a copy of Part 1 here (PDF 1.2MB)
View a copy of Part 2 here (PDF 2.4MB)



Animal Welfare Act 2006The Animal welfare act 2006

The Act can be viewed here (PDF 240kB)