Exotic BAC Seminar - 7 February 2010

Welcome and Introduction

2010 BAC SeminarThe 2010 Exotic BAC Seminar was held at Mappleborough Village Hall, Studley, Warks. B80 7BT on Sunday 7th February 2010.

This year's Seminar was acclaimed a success with nearly 60 people attending. The Delegates represented a wide mix of people including experienced Judges, Probationer Judges, breeders and exhibitors. The cats on exhibition are shown in the right hand column (mouse over for an enlarged picture).

Delegates were welcomed by Anne Gregory (Beaumaris) the Exotic BAC Chairman. In addition, Anne has been breeding cats for nearly 40 years, Anne is an experienced Judge of Exotics and described the appeal and conformation of the Exotic in the context of this Seminar. The Seminar was to consider that "Type is Paramount" but within the constraints of high standards in cat health, well-being and welfare as set out in the latest GCCF General Breeding Policy. Anne highlighted the great strides that had been made over the last 20 years towards the establishment of today's excellent cats, thanking those who had so generously brought fine examples of the breed to the Seminar to illustrate this progress.

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The Exotic Standard of Points and Assessments

Jane Allen at the SeminarThis presentation was given by Jane Allen (Zendique) an experienced breeder, exhibitor and Judge of Persians and Exotics. Jane described type and conformation that is set by the Standard of Points (SoP) for the Exotic. Jane showed the desirable attributes as well as those not sought after by using examples in the presentation slides. Jane also explained, aided by the cats brought to the seminar, how to assess type in the body shape together with the features that are important around the structure and shape of the head. Delegates were made aware of the features that should be avoided in order to ensure healthy cats are free from abnormalities that affect their well-being and longevity. Jane finished with a discussion of the coat quality and texture that should be found in the ideal Exotic.

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The Exotic Colours and their Coats

Self Exotics – Shelagh Heavens (Icemoor) an experienced breeder and Judge described the attributes of the self colours highlighting the soundness of coat that is required and the lack of tabby markings.
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Patched/Tabby & White Exotics – Jane Allen (Zendique) has bred and shown patched cats for many years and explained the various patterns. Jane illustrated her talk with both pictures (see the slide set) and exhibits at the Seminar (see pictures on the right).
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Anne Gregory at the SeminarTabby Exotics – Anne Gregory (Beaumaris) gave a talk about the tabby markings that should be strived for in a breeding programme. As an experienced Judge of British, Anne was able to cite the tabby markings that excel in that breed and encourage breeders to meet these high standards. Anne included an explanatory sheet describing the three tabby coat patterns (download here) and the facial markings (download here). Again Anne was able to illustrate the various coat patterns with the cats on exhibition.
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Silver Exotics – Rosemary Fisher (Owletts) a breeder, exhibitor and Judge, well known for her silvers, presented the story of the Silver-tipped Exotic. Rosemary showed pictures of early cats through to those of the present day. She explained the qualities in the Silver-tipped and the Silver Tabby Exotics on exhibition.
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Colourpointed Exotics - A general discussion was held debating the essential elements of the colourpointed coat pattern. Jane Allen led an appraisal with the help of the two Colourpointed Exotics on exhibition (see pictures on the right).
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Report Writing

Mike Barrett (Finchfield) gave a run through of the expectations of the BAC with regard to reports, particularly those submitted by Probationer Judges. The importance was stressed that these reports were intended to aid breeders and exhibitors as an explanation of the Judge's placing together with demonstrating to the BAC their capability and progress as they went through the probationary training period.

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Download the Exotic BAC's Guidelines for Report Writing here

The Long and the Short of it! Exotic Longhairs

Anne Gregory led a discussion about the possibility of showing Exotic Longhair (ELH) cats. A proposal has been made that ELH cats could be shown in the open class for Persians. The ELH cat is a longhaired cat and breeds true for longhair. The ELH cats would be identified by their distinctive registration number. Breeding with Persians would not be allowed unless sanctioned within the Registration/Breeding Policies of the relevant Persian breed as prescribed by the related Persian BACs. However although some support for this proposal has been voiced, it was stressed that these are early days and there was a long way to go yet.


Chat around teaAnne Gregory as Chairman of the BAC thanked everybody for attending. Especial thanks were given to two groups - namely - those who so generously brought their cats to demonstrate the excellence that is now achievable within the Exotic breed and to the Somali SuperChefs who produced a magnificent lunch and tea.

The Seminar was really summed up by someone who said that it was an event that people did not seem to want to leave. A great day.